Create Rescore Request - Step 2

This functionality is available in both English and French. Please refer to French Translations page for the French text.

Part of the Create Rescore Request - Public (myPass) process.

The Complete Payment screen allows user to enter their billing information before proceeding to pay via EPS2. For more information on the general payment process please refer to the PASI Fee and Payment Overview.

Note: Unlike the Enter Billing Information (Exam Registration Request) and Entering Billing Information (Transcript Order) screens, the billing information screen used here for Rescore Requests is not shared with Registration Requests and Document Orders.

Student Panel

The Student Panel Common Component (See Create Rescore Request - Public (myPass)) is shown on screen.

Data Fields

The following data is presented on the panel:

Field Name Description
Exam SessionThe Exam Period and the School Year of the Exam that the Rescore Request is for, shown in the format {Exam Period} YYYY
Diploma ExamThe Course Description and Course Code of the Exam that the Rescore Request is for, shown in the format {Course Description} {Course Code}
Fee RequiredThe Diploma Exam Rescore Request Fee Amount Required + GST Due on the Exam Rescore Request

In addition, all the Entering Billing Information Fields input fields are also included on screen to capture payer's billing information.

Page Actions

Return to Request

The user can return to View Diploma Exam Registrations and Results page without starting a payment process by clicking Return to Diploma Exam Results

Proceed with Payment

Public User

When the public user fills in all the required information and click Proceed with Payment, the following occurs:

Ministry User

Where the Ministry user selects [Proceed with Payment], they will receive the page error “Administrative users cannot add or edit rescore requests in myPass.”.