Payment Through EPS (Rescore Request)

This functionality is available in both English and French. Please refer to French Translations page for the French text.

Part of the Create Rescore Request - Public (myPass) process.

Public Mode

User will pay through a page from EPS2; the billing information from Create Rescore Request - Step 2 and user’s Education Account email address will be presented on screen as the Payer’s information. Below is an example of the EPS2 screen:

Once the user submits their payment and credit card information, EPS2 will process the transaction and the user will be forwarded back to myPass. There are 3 possible outcomes from the transaction.

  1. The user paid for the invoice successfully
  2. The user’s payment was declined (e.g. due to incorrect credit card information or insufficient funds)
  3. A System Error Occurred and EPS2 cannot determine the status of the payment

User Paid for the Invoice Successfully

Payment by User was Declined

A System Error Occurred

If a System Error occurred and EPS2 cannot determine the status of the transaction (whether it was paid or declined), the Request and the Electronic Payment System Invoice is not updated; user will be taken to a Payment Error page which shows the following:

  • The user can return to View Rescore Request by clicking on [Return To my Request]
  • The [Transcript Office] link will take user to the Alberta Education Contact Us page on a new browser window/tab.