View Rescore Request

This functionality is available in both English and French. Please refer to French Translations page for the French text.

This myPass screen provides Students, Connected 3rd Party and Ministry users the ability to view the rescore request details.

Users will get to this screen via:

Security Modes

Payment Pending Rescore Request Warnings

If the user has one or more Diploma Exam Rescore Request that has a Payment Pending payment status, they will be presented with notification messages as documented in Resuming a Rescore Request in Payment Pending.

Screen Labels and Values

Section 1 - Header


The View Rescore Request screen contains an overall request status in the upper right hand corner consisting of:

  • Status icon
  • Status text
  • “What does this mean?” link

Here is how the various statuses will display:

Where the user selects “What does this mean?” they will see the following popup:

Note that this status indicator is replaced by the wizard progress bar when the user arrived to this page as part of completing the Create Rescore Request - Public (myPass) wizard. A success message “Entry of the Rescore Request has been completed” will also appear above the header to indicate to user that they have completed the wizard in this scenario.

Data Fields

The following information is displayed to the user for the rescore request within the Header:

Field NameDescription
Diploma ExamThe Exam Period/School Year/Course Code of the Exam associated to the Exam Mark of the Request in the format “{Session in format Month YYYY} - {Course Name}” where YYYY is the calendar year relative to the exam period and Course Name is the course description for the course associated with the diploma exam.

(e.g. if the exam session is Nov 2015/2016, “November 2015” should be displayed)

Section 2 - Request Task Checklist

The following describes what will be visible within the Rescore Request Task Checklist displayed on the View Rescore Request screen.

The Payment and Consent status information that will displayed to the user as follows (note that the functions and text are dependent on whether user is an Admin or Public user):

Status TypeWhat Happened?Eligible For Refund?IconPublic Text DisplayedPublic Functions Available
PaymentPayment ReceivedN“Payment Received”“Download Payment Receipt” link
PaymentPayment ReceivedY“Payment Received”“Download Payment Receipt” link
Payment WaivedN“Payment Received”“Download Payment Receipt” link
Payment Not ReceivedN“Waiting for your payment”[Pay Now] button
Payment In ProgressN“Payment is in progress”N/A
ConsentForm Required & ReceivedN“Exam Administration has received your consent form”N/A
Form Not Required & ReceivedN“Exam Administration has received your consent.”N/A
Required & Not ReceivedN“Exam Administration is waiting for your consent form”[Reprint Consent Form] button

Functions and Informational Messages Available to All users

The links and buttons will allow the user to complete the following tasks:

Return to Diploma Exam Results

Where the user selects the [Return to Diploma Exam Results] button, they are returned to the View Diploma Exam Registrations and Results page for the student.

Functions and Informational Messages available to Public users Only

The links and buttons will allow the user to complete the following tasks:

  • The [Pay Now] button is displayed to the public user where Payment Status = “Not Received” to initiate payment of the request using EPS2. Where a user selects this button, they will be forwarded to the Create Rescore Request - Step 2 screen.
  • The [Reprint Consent Form] button generates the Diploma Exam Rescore Consent Form (PDF) for the user allowing them to print, sign and resubmit as needed. This button is only available where Consent received status is “Not Received”.

The following messages shown below the Payment and Consent Status information will be displayed

  • If Rescore Request Status = “INCOMPLETE”:
    • Once the steps above have been verified, rescore results will be available in myPass on {Rescore Release Date}.
  • If Rescore Request Status = “REQUESTED”:
    • Rescore results will be available in myPass on {Rescore Release Date}.
  • If Rescore Request Status = “Cancelled” or “Rescored”:
    • no extra sentence is displayed to the user.

The following message will be displayed with the Consent status for a Public user if Rescore Request Status = “INCOMPLETE” and consent status = “Not Received”:

  • This status will be updated when Exam Administration receives your signed consent form. Instructions for submission are printed on the form.
Refunded Rescore Fee

Where the rescore request has been identified as eligible for a refund, the public user will see the following message near the top of the screen:

Section 3 - Rescore Details

By default, this rescore details section is compressed. The user can select the () to expand the section to view the details about the Diploma Exam Rescore Request. If they subsequently want to hide these details, they can select ().

  • When the expander is closed: “Rescore Details” is the expander title and all the Rescore details are hidden.
  • When expander is open: “Hide Rescore Details” is the expander title and all the Rescore details are shown.

Field NameDescription
Alberta Student NumberASN of the student on the Request

Request Information Section

Field NameDescription
Requested ByThe Requestor Name on the Request.
Requested OnThe Created On Date on the Request.
Received MethodThe Request Method on the Request
Created ByThe Education Account ID on the Request

If the Education Account is a public user (student/connected 3rd party), the email should be shown.

Last Updated OnThe Last Updated date/time of the Request (in mountain time)
Last Updated By

The Last Updated user of the Request.
If the user who last updated the rescore request is a myPass public user (student/connected 3rd party), the student’s Education Account email should be shown.
Otherwise, if the request was last updated by a ministry user, display “Alberta Education”.

Amount CollectedThe Amount Collected on the Request. This field is visible only if amount collected = 0(to indicate it is waived).

This should be formatted as “$0.00 (Waived)”

Section 4 - Assessment Contact Information - for Public User only

Exam Administration contact information is displayed to a public user near the bottom of the page in case they require assistance.

Success Message

The following success message will display when the user comes from the Create Rescore Request - Public (myPass) via a redirection after a successful save.

Responsive Layout

This screen has been designed to be mobile responsive.