Diploma Exam Rescore Request Receipt for Manual Payment (PDF)

This functionality is available in both English and French. Please refer to French Translations page for the French text.

Update to image - phone number is (780) 427-1857

Below is the payment receipt generated for a Diploma Exam Rescore Request that is not paid online (e.g. student mailed a cheque to Assessment).

  • This receipt is produced in English only

Header Specifications

The header is similar to the header used in other receipts (see Payment Receipt Header Specification); however, a different header address (Exam Administration) is used for rescores.

Content Specifications

The body of the receipt contains transaction information, as well as information on the rescore request.

The following data elements are included in the content:

ElementSource Business ObjectSource Attribute
Official Receipt Information
(linked from the Diploma Exam Mark on the Diploma Exam Rescore Request)
Preferred Name
Invoice IDN/A“N/A”
Alberta Student NumberStudent
(linked from the Diploma Exam Mark on the Diploma Exam Rescore Request)
Transaction TypeN/A“Purchase”
Invoice DateDiploma Exam Rescore RequestRequest Created Date
CurrencyN/A“Canadian Dollars”
Payment TotalDiploma Exam Rescore RequestAmount Collected
Diploma Exam Rescore Information Grid
Diploma ExamDiploma Exam Rescore RequestCourse Name and Course Code
Exam Writing SessionDiploma Exam Rescore RequestExam Period and School Year, formatted as {Exam Period} YYYY
PaidDiploma Exam Rescore RequestIf Total Due > $0.00 and Amount Collected = $0.00, show “Waived”.
If Total Due > $0.00 and Amount Collected > $0.00, show the Amount Collected.
TotalDiploma Exam Rescore RequestAmount Collected value (Shown below the grid as the Total row for the entire order)
This is followed by an “(X% GST included)” message below. The GST rate to display is the configured rate charged at the time of the payment.

If Amount Collected = $0.00, the text “Waived” is shown instead
Payment Information
Payment IDDiploma Exam Rescore RequestPayment Reference/Transaction ID. If the value is null, show “N/A”.

The footer contains disclaimers and contact information for Exam Administration (Assessment).


Where a refund has been applied to a student's rescore request by an Admin user, their receipt will reflect that refund using a “Refunded” watermark:

If the refund gets reversed, the watermark on the receipt gets removed.