Home Education History

This screen is used to view and manage Home Education information for a student.

Mobile Desktop

Overall Page Configuration

This page is configured as follows:

English French
Browser Title Home Education - myPass Enseignement à domicile - myPass
Page Title Home Education Enseignement à domicile
Breadcrumb Label Home Education Enseignement à domicile

Security Requirements

This screen is available to any myPass user that is connected to a student.

French Translations

The following translations should be used when viewing this page in French.

English Text French Text
Home Education History Historique enseignement à domicile
To notify Alberta Education that you are offering Home Education to a student, click here. Pour informer Alberta Education que vous offrez l’enseignement à domicile à un élève, cliquez ici.
Supervising School: École partenaire :
Resident School Board: Conseil scolaire résidant :

Data Fields

A row is displayed on this screen for each:

The rows are sorted by:

  • School Year in descending order
  • Supervising School in descending order
  • Last Updated On in descending order

If no rows are displayed, the following message is presented instead of the table:

English Text This student does not have any Home Education History.
French Text Aucun historique d’enseignement à domicile n’a été trouvé pour cet élève.

The following fields are presented on this screen for each row displayed on the screen.

School Year

This read-only field is used to display the school year associated with the record.


This read-only field is used to display a status associated to the record.

English Text French Text Usage
Registered Inscrit
Active Actif
Completed Achevé
Pending En attente

Supervising School

This read-only field is used to display the school that is supervising the home education (if any).

English Text Not Supervised
French Text Non supervisé

Resident Board

This read-only field is used to display the Organization Description of the resident board that was the submitted along with the Home Education record (either the School Enrolment, Home Education Registration, or Home Education Notification).

When this value is not available display:

English Text Unknown
French Text Inconnu


The following controls are available on this screen.

New Home Education Registration

When clicking the link in the text above the table, the Notification of Home Education screen is opened.

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