Manage myPass Connections in PASIprep (Business Process)

PASIprep users can use the View Student - myPass Connections Tab to manage myPass connections for Students, Parent/Guardian, or Authorized users. myPass Connections can be suspended, reactivated, or deleted.


Primary Scenario #1 - Manage a myPass Connection

This scenario begins when a PASIprep user successfully searches for and brings a student into focus in PASIprep.

  • The user clicks the View Student - myPass Connections Tab to view a list of myPass Connection records associated to the student.
  • The user selects the myPass Connection record to be managed.
  • The user manages the record by selecting one of the available grid controls (Suspend, Reactivate 1), or Delete).
    • The available options are displayed above the myPass Connections grid.
  • The system calls the Update myPass Connection service and validates the request2)

The scenario ends with an updated myPass connection record.

  • END of Process.
Exception: The Authorized user myPass connections cannot be reactivated using the PASIprep functionality. Only students are permitted to reactivate an Authorized user myPass connection using the myPass functionality
Rule 60020 prevents a user from suspending or reactivating a deleted myPass Connection.