Create Rescore Request - Step 1

This functionality is available in both English and French. Please refer to French Translations page for the French text.

This step is part of the Create Rescore Request - Public (myPass) wizard.

The user starts the rescore request creation process by accessing the Create Rescore Request wizard.

Step 1 - Confirm Rescore Request details has a few functions:

  • Provides the users with a confirmation/reminder of the writing session, specific exam and exam mark that they have selected to request a rescore for.
    • Displays the Exam Session, Course Description, Course Code, Exam Mark value, Component(s) and Component Score Value(s) for the student and Exam mark that the request was initiated from.
  • Informs them that a non-refundable fee is required as part of the process.
  • Informs them that they will need to gather the necessary consent(s) on the printed form and send it in.
    • IMPORTANT: A processing fee of <rescore fee> is required. This fee is non-refundable and non-transferable.
      • Note: This message is displayed to ALL users.
    • A printed and signed consent form must be sent to Exam Administration. Student and/or Parent/Guardian signature is required on this form.
  • Forces the user to acknowledge the risk associated with requesting a rescore.
    • I acknowledge that a rescore mark will be the final mark for the examination listed above, whether the mark is raised, lowered or remains the same.”

Proceed to Payment Page Action

Public User

Where the Public user selects [Proceed to Payment]:

  • If the user has not clicked the checkbox “acknowledgement” message before selecting [Proceed to Payment], the user should get the error “You must check the box to indicate your agreement that the rescored mark will be the final mark for the examination prior to providing payment. If you do not wish to agree, please use the cancel button to abandon this request.”
  • If the user has selected the acknowledgement checkbox:
StudentLink to the student. Whatever user has selected in the Student Connection Selector in other screens of myPass will be carried through to the (new) rescore request.
Exam MarkLink to the exam mark record, from the Registrations and Results screen, that the Rescore Request was initiated from.
Created On UTCThe time stamp when this request was initiated.
Received MethodOnline
Request StatusIncomplete
Requestor NameThe Name associated with the Education Account that initiated this Request.
Payment StatusPayment Not Received
Fee Amount Required$25.00 + GST($26.25)
GST Due1.25
Amount Collected0.00
Consent Received

If user is the student (i.e. Self-Connection), and, if student is an independent student or >= 18 years of age then this it “Not Required”

Otherwise it is Not Received

Is Eligible for RefundNo
Education Account IdentifierEducation Account that initiated this request.
Education Account OrganizationThe Organization of the Education Account that initiated this request.
Payment Received MethodNull

Ministry User

Where the Ministry user selects [Proceed to Payment], they will receive the page error “Administrative users cannot add or edit rescore requests in myPass.”.

Cancel Page Action

Where the user selects [Cancel Request], they are redirected to the View Diploma Exam Registrations and Results page.