Connect to a Student

The Connect to a Student tile on the myPass Homepage has the following Action(s) available:

Action Description
Obtain access to the Student information

Directs the user to the myPass functionality Obtain Access to the Student Information via myPass.
Please note: If a user has no active Student Connection, then the user is direct to this page automatically.


User would need an Education Account to log into myPass to access the Connect to Student Wizard. See myPass Overview for more information on Education Accounts.

Note: An Education Account User will not be able to make an access request for a student unless the student has attended school in Alberta (i.e. student has at least one school or course enrolment), or has at least one official mark.

Public and Admin Mode

The Connect to a Student is only applicable to Public mode. An overview of the Public and Admin modes can be found in the myPass Overview.