Request a Signup Access Code

This functionality is available in both English and French. Please refer to French Translations page for the French text.

When an Education Account user was unable to establish a “Self” connection 1) via the Obtain Access to the Student Information via myPass functionality, and the Student has a Current Mailing Address 2), then the student is automatically directed to this myPass functionality.

On this page, the Education Account user is able to request a signup access code. The Construct Document Order (System Service) is called and a Self Service Signup Letter (PDF) is generated that is sent to the student's Current Mailing Address. The Education account user is directed to Signup Access Code Successfully Requested once the order processing is completed.

Note: The Education Account user can use this signup access code to establish a “self” myPass connection.


To access this page a user need to successfully log into myPass with their Education Account credentials.

Public and Admin Mode

This page is only applicable to Public mode. An overview of the Public and Admin modes can be found in the myPass Overview.

Page Layout

Desktop Mobile

Data fields

The following are the data fields available on the page.

Field name Description
Page Text The following text is displayed on screen:

Alberta Education was unable to establish a connection with the details provided. You are able to request a Signup Access Code after reviewing and confirming the details below. This code will assist you in gaining access to your information via myPass.

Identify the Student
Alberta Student Number (ASN) ASN for the Student as entered by the Education Account user.
Date of Birth (DOB) DOB of the student
Information about you
You are:

defaults to “The student”

Your most recent mailing address
Mailing Address The current Mailing address is not displayed due to the security reasons
Why can't I see the address?

Desktop: Displays the text: For privacy reasons, we cannot show the student's address. You can confirm whether it is correct based on when it came into effect for the school and/or Alberta Education.“
Mobile: Displays as a link, that opens into a dialog box when a user selects the link.

Last updated

The address that Alberta Education has on file for you was last updated: <DATE LAST UPDATED>
If you have not moved since the date shown above, click on the Request Signup code button below to submit your request.

Does Alberta Education have your current mailing address? Displays as a link, that opens into a dialog box when a user selects the link. The text is as follows:

If you are not certain that Alberta Education has your current address, then please submit the appropriate Student Request form to update your address. Otherwise, the myPass Signup access code letter will be mailing to an outdated address.


The following actions are available from this page.

Request Signup Code

When the Request Signup Code button is clicked, the system will:

Perform a check to see ensure the student hasn’t already requested a Self Service Signup Letter within the last 7 days:

Then the system will perform a check to see if the student is able to order a Signup Access Code by checking if the student has an active mailing address by applying the following validation rule:

If the student does not have an active mailing address, then:

If the student has an active mailing address, then:

  • Generate a Signup Access Code for the student with the following information:
    • Student = the ASN on the request
    • Expiry Date = 30 days after the current date (i.e. OrderPlacedDate + ExpiryPeriod from config file) file
    • Access Code = generated by the system
  • Create a document order with the following information:
    • Request Method = Online
    • Order Requested By = Username of the myPass User
    • Education Account Identifier = Education Account ID of the myPass User
    • Order Placed Date/Time = current date/time
    • Order Status = Ordered
    • Document Processing Timeframe = ASAP
  • The Document Order will contain one Document Order Item with the following information:
    • Alberta Student Number = the ASN on the request
    • Document Type = SelfserviceSignupMyPass
    • Document Delivery Method = AutomatedMail
    • Document Language = EN
    • Number of Copies = 1
    • Recipient Is Student = Yes
    • Recipient Name = the student’s Preferred Name
    • Recipient Address = the preferred/active mailing address
    • Education Account Connection ID = NULL

Once the Order is successful the user is directed to Signup Access Code Successfully Requested page.


When the Cancel button is clicked, the system will:

  • Display the message: You are about to leave this page. You will lose any unsaved progress.

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