Self Service Signup Letter (PDF)

This functionality is available in both English and French. Please refer to French Translations page for the French text.

Students that were unable to establish a 'Self' myPass connection have an option to request this Signup letter via the myPass Functionality Request a Signup Access Code.

The self service Signup Letter is produced by the Self Service Signup Letter Processing Agent for a Document Order Item of document type “SelfServiceSignupMyPass (Document Type)”.

General Layout Guidelines

The following guidelines from the PASI Data Format Guidelines are observed:

  • All Letter Format guidelines, which includes styles, letterhead for English/French respectively, and Print Layout
  • Mailing Envelope Requirements
  • Data Value Format Guidelines (mailing address format, date format, differences in English and French formats, student name format, etc.).


The header of the letter should use the Letterhead as documented in the PASI Data Format Guidelines.

  • The processed date (of the document) and the ASN of the student will be shown in the Letterhead's Additional Information area
  • The recipient address is shown in the Letterhead's Address Window Area
ElementSource Business ObjectSource Attribute
{Preferred Name}Document Order ItemPreferred Name
{Recipient Address}Document Order Item

Recipient Address Lines
Recipient Address City Name
Recipient Address State/Province
Recipient Address Postal Code/Zip
Recipient Address Country Name

{Processed Date}Document Order ItemProcessed On Date
Formatted using External Date Formatting
Alberta Student Number

(linked to the Document Order Item)

State Province ID
Formatted as XXXX-XXXX-X


The following text appears in the body of the letter:

English Content

English Content as Raw Text (with some partial formatting)Content Formatted as it Should Appear on Letter

To {Student Preferred Name},

You are receiving this letter as you do not have an active myPass account.

What are the benefits of having a myPass account? • It is for all Alberta high school students (current and previous) • Order your high school transcript and credential (diploma and certificates) at your own time 24/7 from any part of the world in English or French • View your diploma exam marks • Register to write or rewrite diploma exams with online payment • View and print Detailed Academic Report (DAR) • View progress towards a credential (diploma or certificate)

This letter enables you to sign yourself up to myPass using the enclosed ‘Signup Access Code’. This code is for one-time use only and will expire on the date shown. It is important that you sign up before this expiry date.

Follow these steps to sign yourself up using the provided ‘Signup Access Code’:

1. To create an Education Account:

  • Click on ‘Sign in with Education Account’
  • Type your email address and password
  • Please use your personal email address
  • Click on ‘I’m new, sign me up!’
  • An email will be sent to the email address you entered
  • Go to your email to confirm the address and follow the instructions
  • Create the Education Account with information required

2. How to use the ‘Sign up Access Code’:

  • Close the page and start fresh:
  • Log onto website:
  • Click on ‘Sign in with Education Account’
  • Type your personal email address and password
  • Click on the radio button under ‘Information about you’:
    • I AM ‘The student (current or previous Alberta Student)
  • Enter your Alberta Student Number (ASN)
  • Enter your date of birth
  • Type the ‘Sign up Access Code’ (provided in this letter)
  • Scroll to the bottom and click on ‘Activate Connection’

Congratulations! You now have an active myPass account. To return to myPass in the future, use the following instructions:

For additional information, please contact the Help Desk: Phone: 780-427-5318 and select option 1 Toll free: 310-0000 before the phone number (in Alberta)

NOTE: This image and word document are to be used for formatting only. The content might be out of date.
Access Code Block

The following block gives the content as raw text (with some partial formatting) of how the Express Signup Access Code is shown on the letter. The formatted sample above gives the placement of this block.

Signup Access Code
Expires {Expiry Date} One-time use only

French Content

There is not a french version of the letter.

Data Elements

ElementSource Business ObjectSource Attribute
{Student Preferred Name}

(linked to the Document Order Item)

Student Name
(Current Preferred Name)

Education Account Email

Education Account Email
(linked to the Document Order Item)

Education Account Primary Email address
Date Requested

Date requested
(linked to the Document Order Item)

Date requested from the Document order
Signup Access Code {XXXXXXXX}

Student Signup Access Code
(generated when the document order item is processed)

Signup Access Code
{Expiry Date}

Student Signup Access Code Expiry Date
(generated when the document order item is processed)

This is the date the access code expires.
{URL}-Configuration-URL of myPass for the environment the letter is generated from.

The page footer is repeated on every page. This is the unique identifier for the processed document. This is created by the system when the document is generated.

The title + data field is right justified, as shown in the example below:

ElementSource Business ObjectSource Attribute
{Document Number}Document Order ItemDocument ID