Construct Document Order (System Service)

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The Construct Document Order service is used to create a new Document Order or update the information stored in an already existing Document Order that does not have a status of “Ordered”. The service is intended to perform all the document order updates with the final update having the order go to a status of “Ordered” or having the document order be deleted.

This service can no longer be used to update Document Orders once the status of the Document Order is “Ordered”.


This service can be accessed by systems with the PASI System User role.

Request Information

Submitted Business Objects

Validation Rules

The information provided in the request is validated using the following validation rules:

Potentially no longer used (to be confirmed):

Note: All recipient mailing address validations are the responsibility of the service caller. More information on the acceptable formats of the recipient mailing addresses can be found in the Data Format Guidelines document.


Once the request information has been validated then the service will create/update the Document Order. The service does not perform any validations of content that might end up on the resulting document. It is meant to be used to make the necessary updates to bring the Document Order to a status of “Ordered”. Once it is ordered, then the Update Document Order Item must be used to make further changes to the order items as they are processed and delivered.

If a Document Order Identifier is not provided, then that means the service caller is creating a new order/order item and a new Document Order Identifier will be generated and returned.

Need to be able to support the creation of an order with a status of “ordered” with only one service call. Typically, this would be used internally for non-official docs as well as for ApplyAlberta Transcript orders.

The service will create/delete document order items as needed based on the # of items submitted for each document order.

The Document Order Item Number will be based on the order of items in the service. The item numbers are not static and will only be considered accurate once the Document Order has moved to a status of “Ordered” or “Payment Pending”.

A Document Order Item is deleted from an order by using the Construct Document Order service without including the Document Order Item that the caller wants to delete.

A Document Order is deleted if the isDelete flag is set.

The Document Order Item Status will be set based on the status of the Document Order. The following table lays out the values to use:

Document Order StatusDocument Order Item Status to Use

The Education Account Organization on a Document Order is copied from caller's Extranet Profile (if the user has one); otherwise it is set to null.

The Document Order Special Handling Status will be set to Not Required by default.

Calculation of the Order’s Total Amount

Document Order’s Document Order Total Amount and Document Order Item’s Document Order Item Total Amounts are calculated by the service. This is based on the Document Order Item Category and associated PASI Client System Name value. The logic is as follows:

Document Type PASI Client: System Name Order Item Total Amount Calculation
Transcript (Document Type) When the System Name = “myPass” or “PASIprep” The Order Item Total Amount will be $10 multiplied by the number of copies.
Transcript (Document Type) Any other System Name No cost. All Order Items will have a Total Amount of $0.
Any other type n/a No cost. All Order Items will have a Total Amount of $0.

Note: This should be part of the configuration of PASI. This should not be hard coded.

Only the undeleted Document Order Items are included in the calculations.

Response Information

A successful response to this service will include a list of one or more Document order containing:

  • Document Order Identifier*
  • PASI Core Version*