Non Graduate Letter Processor

This background process creates Non-Graduate Letter document orders or Non-Graduate Messages for those students that have been identified as having not graduated and have left school.

Information Consumed

Processing Rules

This background processor runs every day. The processor looks for a Control Schedule record with a Non-Graduate Letter Schedule Category that has an Actual Date equal to the current date (the day the processor runs).

If a matching control schedule is found, the processor will start at 8am of the control schedule's Actual Date to gather a list of Students.

The processor will use the Construct Document Order (System Service) service to generate 'NonGraduate (Document Type)documents OR Non Graduation Messages.

The process will select students who meet all of these conditions:

# Condition Details
1 The student does not have Valid Student School Enrolment for the School Year of the control schedule.
2 The student has not Achieved nor has been Awarded a credential.

The student had a valid Grade 12 Student School Enrolment in the previous school year and:

  • The prior year school enrolment does not belong to an 21 (School Authority Type), 20 (School Authority Type) Authority, or an authority classified as 19 (School Authority Type). (i.e. the previous year’s school enrolment must NOT be from one of these authorities- we are not sending letter to these students)
  • School Year on the prior year's Student School Enrolment = School Year of the control schedule – 1

The student has one or more valid school enrolments within 5 years of the ‘previous school year’ (found in step 3 above),
The student has 4 or more approved course enrolments in the ‘previous school year’ and has one or more approved Out of Province Evaluated Mark with a School Year equal to the ‘previous school year’ (found in step 3 above).


If any of the 'previous school year enrolments' (found in step 3), has an exception code of 41, 43, 44, or 52, then

  • the student has been awarded more than 75 total credits.

Otherwise (none of the 'previous school year enrolments', have one of the listed exception codes),

  • the student has been awarded more than 50 credits.

The student has not previously received a Non-Graduate letter or Message in the current or in a past school year.

A student is considered to have received a Non Graduate letter when a document order item exists for the student with a Control Schedule identifier that belongs to a Non-Graduate control schedule record with the same school year as the current school year or in a previous school year.

A student is considered to have “received” a Non Graduate Message when the system attempts to match the students returned by the logic above with the education accounts returned by PED as having received a non-graduation message and doesn't find a match. Any students who are not returned by PED have not received the Non-Graduation message for that school year. PED only returns self-connections (connections with a myPass Connection Relationship to Student = Self (Education Account Relationship)) with a myPass Connection Connection Status of Active, Suspended, or Student Hold.

Note: The process will not run if the control schedule is created after 8AM, for the same day (edge case).

Once the list of students has been determined, they will receive Non Graduate Messages/Notification based on the following logic. Where the student is:

Background Process Unsuccessful

No notification is provided where the background process fails, however this information is visible on the health page that PASI support monitors if something goes wrong.

Validation Rules

Non Graduate Letter document order items will be validated for the following validation rules. If the validation rule fails, the document order item’s status will be updated to ‘System Hold’.

Validation errors orders are stored in a common location regardless of the type of order as Document Generation Errors. The system stores both the validation error code and the validation error description in the Document Errors table.

Information Produced

For each ASN identified in Processing Rules, either a Letter or Message will be produced.


Document Order

The following information, found in values column will be provided when creating a Document Order for each student. If not mentioned, optional fields on the service request shall take the default value as defined by the PASI core service.

Document Order Request Properties Optionality NonGraduate Order Values
Created By Source System Mandatory “PASI Core:
Request Method Mandatory “Not Applicable”
Order Requestor By Optional “Alberta Education”
Placed By Education Account Optional NULL
Organization of Education Account Optional NULL
Order Placed Date/Time Optional Current Date and Time
Order Status Mandatory Ordered
Payment Transaction ID Conditional NULL
Payment Method Conditional NULL
Is Deleted Mandatory False

Document Order Item

One Document Order Item will be created for the Document Order above containing the following:

Document Order Item Data Element Optionality NonGraduate Order Item Values
Student ASN Mandatory Student ASN identified in #1
Document Type Mandatory NonGraduate (Document Type)
Amount Collected Mandatory 0
Control Schedule Identifier Optional Set to Control Schedule Identifier of control schedule record.
Delivery Method Mandatory AutomatedMail (Document Delivery Method)
Language Mandatory

If the Student’s previous years Grade 12 Student School Enrolment meets the following criteria, the document language will be set to ‘French’:

If the Student does not have a Grade 12 school enrolment in a Francophone school authority in the previous school year the document language will be set to ‘EN (Document Language)’.

If more than one Grade 12 school enrollment is found and at least one school enrolment is in a Francophone school authority, the document language will be set to ‘FR (Document Language)’.

Number of Copies Mandatory 1
Recipient Is Student Mandatory True
Recipient Name Mandatory Preffered Name of the Student.
Refer to PASI Data Format Guidelines for format guidelines.
Recipient Address Lines, Recipient Address City Name, Recipient Address State/Province, Recipient Address Postal/ZIP Code AND Recipient Country NameConditional

A student’s address is selected first to use as the recipient address:

  • If student has an active preferred mailing address, it will be selected over other addresses. If student does not have an active preferred mailing address, the most recently activated address i.e. an active non-preferred mailing address will be selected.
  • Recipient address fields should be populated based on the guidelines defined in the PASI Data Format Guidelines on mapping the selected student's address to document order item recipient mailing addresses.
Recipient City* Conditional This element shall take the City component of the student’s mailing address.
Recipient Province/State* Conditional This element shall take the Province/State component of the student’s mailing address.
Recipient Postal Code/Zip* Conditional This element shall take the Postal Code/Zip component of the student’s mailing address.
Recipient Country* Conditional This element shall take the Country component of the student’s mailing address.
Recipient Fax Number Conditional NULL
Re-Order Of Document Order Item Conditional NULL
Re-Order Reason Conditional NULL

* Use the active preferred mailing address on the student. If none, then use the most recently changed student address that is still active.

Student Correspondence

The following information, will be created for each student.

Document Order Request Properties Optionality NonGraduate Order Values
Student Correspondence ID Mandatory
Student ID Mandatory
Correspondence Type Mandatory “NonGraduate”
Last Updated On Mandatory

Non Graduation Message

Where the student is to receive a message rather than a letter (as per the logic above), the following will be created as needed:

Non Graduate Letter Document PDF

From the Document Order, the Non Graduate Letter (PDF) will be created and sent.