Ordering a Credential Reprint

This overview provides details on the guided process that a user would go through to submit a Reprint Credential order for a student on myPass.


See the myPass Overview on what pre-requisites are needed to view student information.

To access this functionality, the myPass user must have an active student connection to the student on the document order item.

Ordering a Credential Reprint

myPass provides the functionality for a Public or Admin (Manage) user to create a new Document Order to reprint a Student’s Credential (identified uniquely by the Credential Number). This function is only accessible for Student Credentials that are eligible for reprint, which are Student Credentials that meets all of the following criteria:

Note: First-Run Credential Orders cannot be created using myPass, though they can be managed in myPass after it has been created.

For more information on how PASI’s Credential Processing Agent differentiate between first-run and reprint order items, please see the Credential Processing Agent for Document Orders.

Accepting Payment and Payment Processing

Using the concept of a typical web shopping cart, a myPass user would create a new order by adding additional document order items one at a time. While the order is being constructed, myPass uses the Construct Document Order (System Service) service to create and update the order and the order items.

Once they are happy with their order, if payment is required the user will pay for the order (if there is a charge for the documents being ordered) and once payment has been accepted the Document Order will have a status of Ordered.

If, for some reason, payment fails then the status of the order will be left as “Payment Not Received” which allows the end user to continue manipulating their order, attempt payment again, or abandon the order.

Common Address Entry UI

The UI for entering of recipient address is common between creating and modifying credential document order items; the UI consists of a set of address related input fields, as well as an Address Preview Panel that allows user to preview how the address will be printed on screen.

Please refer to the myPass - Entering a Document Order Item Address overview for user interface layouts, behavior, and validation rules on displaying and entering the Document Order Item’s recipient address fields on the form.

Information Panels

A panel on the right will be displayed to show the Personal Information Management statement. Please refer to the FOIP (Personal Information Management) page for the most up-to-date text used across myPass for the Personal Information Management statement.

Ordering a Credential Reprint – Public User

A Public user may create a Credential Reprint Document Order for any student they have an active Student Connection to. To submit a new Credential Reprint Document Order, the user will be guided through a series of screens to complete the process:

Ordering a Credential Reprint – Ministry User

Ministry users with appropriate permissions see the same screen that a public user sees when they access this screen in myPass.

Where a Ministry user attempts to create a reprint order for a student in myPass, they will receive the following message:

  • “Administrative Users are not allowed to submit a credential reprint order from myPass.”

Small Resolution

For all steps in the reprint process, if the user is using a small resolution display, the fields will wrap to fit all fields on screen: