Reprint Credential

A Student or a 3rd party requestor (with permission from the Student) may request a reprint of an awarded credential for one of the following reasons:

  • for replacement purposes (e.g. Student lost their original print from the first-run)
  • application or legal purposes (e.g. employers wanting an official reprint of the student’s credentials).

A reprint of a credential can be addressed to someone other than the student such as a 3rd party requestor, and thus the cover letter on a reprint order differs from a first-run order as the first-run credential can only be addressed directly to the student.

A reprint will always generate a credential document with the same credential Type, credential Number and student name as the original first-run order, however the document will follow the current layout/templates and paper specification for that credential type.

Refer to Credential (PDF) for more information on the credential.

Refer to Reprint Credential Letter (PDF) for more information on the Reprint Credential Letter that accompanies a reprinted credential.