Confirm Reprint Credential Order Screen

This functionality is available in both English and French. Please refer to French Translations page for the French text.

Part of the Ordering a Credential Reprint process.

Confirm Reprint Credential Order Screen

The Reprint Credential Confirmation page is displayed when the Document Order has been successfully submitted and it is now in the “Ordered” Status. The Document Order number is displayed to the user.

The user can choose to view the Order History page, start a new Credential Reprint Order by clicking the [Order Another Reprint], or return to the View Credentials screen by clicking on the [View Student Credentials] button.

Data Fields – Confirmation Panel

The fields shown in the top Confirmation Panel are as follows:

Field NameDescription
{Order Number}The Order Number is shown in the title in the format “Reprint Credential Order #{Order Number} Submitted!”

Data Fields – Document Order Item

Displaying Credential Document Order Item Data Fields

The following Document Order Item fields are displayed for viewing/reviewing purposes in the Confirm Reprint Credential Order Screen and the Reorder Document Order Item screen:

Credential Details Fields

Field NameDescription
{Order Number}The Document Order number is shown in the screen title.
{Order Item #}The Order Item number and the Recipient’s name is displayed as the title of the row in the format “Order Item {Order Item #} to {Recipient Name}”

When the Document Order is in an “Ordered” status, the full Order Item Number (XXXXXXXXXX-XX) is used; otherwise only the sequential Order Item number is used (e.g. “Order Item 1 to University of Alberta”)
Student Legal Name will be on CredentialThe Legal Name of the Student that appears on the printed credential
StudentThe preferred name of the Student on the Document Order Item
CredentialThe Short Description of the Credential Type the Document Order Item is for (as determined from the Credential Number), followed by the Credential Number in sub-text font in the next line.
Document LanguageThis is the Language on the Document Order Item.
Number of CopiesThis is the Number of Copies of the Document Order Item.

Recipient Information Fields

Field NameDescription
Recipient’s NameThe Recipient’s Name on the Document Order Item. Where the order is to go to a Digital Official Document Consumer, this will display the Digital Official Document Consumer Name
Address Display the Formatted Mailing Address for the Recipient Address.
Delivery Method
  • The following are the possible values for Delivery Method shown:
    • ManualMail
    • Courier
    • ScanMail
    • Electronic
      • Will display “Electronic” where the Delivery Method is “Digital Official Document” highlighted in the image above.
      • An “i” option/button is to display to the right of the value and when selected, the following hint text is displayed: “The order item will be sent to the recipient electronically”
  • Delivery Methods are displayed in the same manner as they appear in the View Document Order History screen.