Reorder Document Order Item

The Reorder Document Order Item dialog is used to create a new Document Order based on an existing Document Order Item.

Dialog Title Are you sure you would like to re-order the following order item?
Dialog Type PASIprep Dialog - Prompt

Secured By

To access this screen the user must:

Data Fields

The Document Order Item Number is presented as a read-only field.

The Reorder Reason is presented as an Editable field.

Action Buttons

The following actions are available from this dialog.


When selected, the dialog will be closed and the selected order item will not be updated.


When selected:

The fields included in the parent Document Order will defaulted to:

A single Document Order Item will be included by defaulting the data based on the existing Document Order Item (unless otherwise noted):

This Document Order Item will be included in the grid when going to the Add Transcript Order or Add Credential Reorder Item screen.