Award and Order Credentials in Bulk - Step 2 Confirmation

The user sees this screen from the Award and Order Credentials In Bulk - Step 1 Search page once the search has been completed.

The purpose of this tab is to display the search criteria that is entered by the user (for confirmation) and display the total number of records that are selected for processing. The user must confirm that they would like to proceed with Awarding and Ordering Credentials in Bulk process.

Data Fields

The following text is visible to the user above the data fields:

  • “Confirm that you would like to award and order credentials for the following criteria:”

The following data fields are displayed to the user:

Field NameValueEditable
AuthorityDisplays the value selected by the user from Step 1 SearchN
SchoolDisplays the value selected by the user from Step 1 SearchN
Credential Type

* Displays the value(s) selected by the user from Award and Order Credentials In Bulk - Step 1 Search

  • If the user has selected to search for all credential type then display ‘–All Credential Types–’ is this field.
  • If the user has selected multiple credential types, these credential types are displayed in a list format.
Total number of records to be processed:For the entered criteria above, display the count of records that are selected for processing.N
Delivery MethodAllows the user to specify that the credential be delivered back to Student Records through Manual Mail or through Automated Mail (with a cardboard insert). Automated Mail is set by default.Y
Export to CSVThe user has an option to download a list of the records selected by the Step 1 Search.N/A

Page Actions

The following page actions are available:

  • Back
  • Cancel
  • Continue

Processing on BACK

User will also have the option to select ‘Back’ button to return to the Step 1 Search page where they can adjust the criteria or cancel out. Navigation occurs as per the Stepper Guidelines.

Processing on CANCEL

Where the user selects the Cancel option, the Step 2 Confirmation screen closes and the user exits the stepper as per the Stepper Guidelines.

Processing on CONTINUE

By selecting Continue, the user is confirming that they wish to proceed with the Award and Order Credentials in Bulk processing. This action initiates the award and order processing for all records returned by the search criteria entered by the user in Award and Order Credentials In Bulk - Step 1 Search.

The following services will be called:

  • Submit Credential Awarding Multiple to initiate the bulk awarding and
  • Construct Document Order (System Service) to order all awarded student credentials where the student has Academic Activity within the current or previous (current -1) school year.
    • The delivery method is set by the user.
    • To determine what the “current” school year is, the current date is used to determine the current year.
      • For example, for the months between September and December, “current year” will be current calendar year + 1. For all other months of the year, it will be current calendar year.
    • The requirement is that credentials should only be automatically printed for students who are currently or recently in school. Students who have been out of school for a longer period must explicitly request a printed credential.

The results of this processing are be displayed on the Step 3 Summary page.

Processing on any "Other" Navigation Option

If the User selects any other menu option on the Main PASIprep Menu bar or uses the Browser Navigation from the Step 2 Confirmation to navigate away from the stepper, this is treated as an incomplete process and any search criteria that was entered by the user will be ignored and no records will be processed (i.e. awarded and ordered) as per PASIprep Multi-Step Form Template UI Guidelines.

Processing on EXPORT TO CSV

The EXPORT TO CSV option is available to the user on the Step 2 – Confirmation page. This option allows the user to extract a list of all records returned by the search, referred to as “Pre-Processed” Records.

The resulting CSV filename is defaulted to “<Date and Time> - <Grid Name> - Bulk Credential Award and Order.csv”.

Data Elements

The pre-processed export to csv function produces an export of the Pre-Processed Records for the user, which includes the following Data Elements:

  1. ASN
  2. Student Legal Name (Formatted)
  3. Suffix*
  4. First Name*
  5. Middle Name*
  6. Last Name*
  7. Birth Date

* Based on the Student Legal Name