Submit Credential Awarding Multiple

The purpose of this service is to award a single credential to one or more students. This service will be mainly used in the bulk processing of students during the regular credential awarding periods. Since this service only awards one credential per student listed it must determine which credential to award based on credential requirement sets achieved and credentials previously awarded.


The service can be accessed by systems with the PASI System User role.

Request Information

The following information is provided when using this service:

Request Validations

Service Functionality

Produce a new Student Credential/Awarded Student Credential record for each specified ASN:

  • Credential Type = See Credential Order for the order of credentials to be awarded
  • Credential Number = See Credential Number Calculation Logic for Credential Number creation
  • School Year =
    • If the credential being awarded is the Certificate of School Completion then use School Year from the most current non-deleted school enrolment record
    • If the credential being awarded is a result of credential requirement set High School Equivalency Diploma: Alternative 2 being Achieved, then use the most current GED official mark or GED School Year – Data Conversion official mark record with a mark value of A, B, or C
    • Otherwise, use School Year from the most current official mark record with credit awarded
  • Awarded Student Name = Current Legal Name Student Name: last, first, middle, and suffix where applicable
  • Awarded On Date = the current date

For each student being awarded:


The usage of this service is audited using Service Auditing including the auditing of Caller Information.

Status Process Triggers

When awarding a credential impacts the student's Maturity Date, a Course Enrolment Status Processor Trigger will be created for any of the student's Course Enrolment records with a Course Enrolment Start Date that is between the old and the new maturity date.

Response Information

For each ASN in the request, the following Student Credential information is returned:

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