PASIprep Multi-Step Form Template

This document describes the template & patterns for a multi-step form in PASIprep for the PASIprep Page Layout Guidelines.

A multi-step form should be used to get user through a series of related steps to perform a task.

It is generally not used to manipulate a single Business Objects which should utilize the PASIprep Add Item Template/PASIprep Edit Item Templates instead.

Page Title

The Page title of a multi-step form should generally be the name of the task the user is performing.

Identifier Subtitle

The screens design will specify a textual subtitle (to be displayed in the same area as a the Student Identifier Subtitle) to explain to the user what is the task they are performing on screen.

Browser Title

The browser title should match the Page Title.

The Navigation Between Bulk List of Items and Individual Item View guidelines documents how user will generally enter this screen and where they would be redirected to when they cancel the operation or successfully completes the task.

Leaving the Page without Saving

When the user leaves the form without saving their changes, they will be prompted to confirm they wish to leave without saving. The standard web browser/javascript confirmation dialog used for unloading/reloading pages is used for this purpose.


Generally this screen will contain a single PASIprep Stepper control that will take the full content area width/height.