PASIprep Add Item Template

This document describes the template & patterns for a “Add Item” page in PASIprep for the PASIprep Page Layout Guidelines.

An “Add Item” page's main function is to allow user to add a new instance of a Business Object.

Page Title

The Page title of a Add Item page should generally take the format of “Add XXXXXX”. It should describe the type of data/Business Object the user is currently adding. If the record is to be added to a student, the Student Identifier Subtitle should be present to identify the student (see PASIprep Page Layout Guidelines for more information)

Actions Toolbox

Save and Cancel should generally be available in the Actions Toolbox for most add screens.

Browser Title

The browser title should match the Page Title.

The Navigation Between Bulk List of Items and Individual Item View guidelines documents how user will generally enter this screen and where they would be redirected to when they Save or Cancel out of this Add operation.

When user leaves the Add page without saving their changes, user will be prompted to confirm they wish to leave without saving. The standard web browser/javascript confirmation dialog used for unloading/reloading pages will be used for this purpose.


The form contains the Data Elements for the business Object, presented as a PASIprep Field Value List / Form on screen. Field/Values may be a mix of read-only and editable fields, depending on what the user is allowed to add.