DER Signup Letter Processing Agent

This is a synchronous service/agent that processes document myPass DER Signup Letter document order items. This processing agent creates and stores intermediary PDF for delivery processes.

The DER Signup Letter Processing Agent will accept an order from the Document Processor and process these myPass DER Signup Letters synchronously to generate the myPass Express Signup Letters that will be delivered to the recipient as a result of the myPass Express Signup Letter Document Order Item(s).

Note: These orders are created by the DER Sign-Up Letter Processor.


Receive Order Item

The process begins with the myPass Express Signup Letter Processing Agent receiving the order item that is to be processed. These order items will match the following criteria:

Note: Letters have no requirements around a control schedule and do not have a designated release schedule. These orders shall be processed as soon as they become ready for processing, hence the document processing timeframe value is set to ‘ASAP’.

Validate Order Item

Some orders may fail validation at processing time. The following validations are performed by the myPass Express Signup Letter Processing Agent for all order items:

Validation errors orders are stored in a common location regardless of the type of order as Document Generation Errors. The system stores both the validation error code and the validation error description in the Document Errors table.

Create Document

The content of the letter will be derived from the Letter Body template. A processed document record contains the information specific to DER Signup Letter content. In order to generate these documents, the following information is gathered and then formatted into the documents:

  • Student Identification Information
    • Demographic information for the student
  • Signup Access Code Information

The type of letter is dependent on what the Document Order Item Type is.

TypeLetter that is generatedSpecification
ExpressSignup (Document Type)DER Express Signup LetterDER Signup Letter (PDF)

Update Order Item When Successful

Upon completion of the successful processing and production of the express signup letter , the following updates will be completed:

  • The document order item Status gets updated to “Ready for Delivery”.
  • The express signup letter is produced and stored on the Document Order Item File record. This letter is always produced in English.

Update Document Order Item Status on Error

If the document order item has a validation error which relates to Student Hold then:

Where the system is attempting to generate a myPass Express Signup Letter for a student, but no transcript release date operational control schedule exists for the diploma exam session relating to the diploma exam registration and/or exam mark update that triggered the document order item creation:

Update Process On Date

Regardless of whether processing completes successfully or validation errors occur, the following updates are made:

  • The Document Number is produced and stored.
  • The Processed on Date gets set to the system date and time at the time of processing.


See the specifications for samples of the letters.