Rule 9061 - No Transcript Release Date Available

Rule Type Rejection

Validated Data


Where a student has a diploma exam registration and/or mark record for a diploma exam writing session that has no aligning transcript release date in the control schedule, this rule needs to prevent a myPass DER Signup Letter from being distributed without a proper date displaying on the letter.

This rule only applies if none of the student's diploma exam marks do not have a matching transcript release date operational Control Schedule.

This rule applies to all school years.

Additional Notes

The logic for this rule first matches based on the exam period and school year. After that, it uses the ActualDate to compare it with the current date to find the control schedule closest to the current date. This control schedule will then be used as the TranscriptReleaseDate.

Note: If (for some reason) there are multiple Transcript Release Dates for the same school year and exam period, one of the control schedules will be selected randomly. There should not be more than one TranscriptReleaseDate control schedule for a given school year/exam period.

The logic to find the diploma exam school year and exam period in order to compare it against the control schedules has been documented within the “{Transcript Release Date}” section of myPass Express Signup Letter PDF.


When this validation rule is triggered, the following message is returned:

The letter cannot be generated for Alberta Student Number provided ({StateProvinceId}). Cannot find a suitable transcript release date for this student's diploma exam registration and mark record(s).


  • {StateProvinceId} means the ASN for the student of the diploma exam registration and/or mark record(s).

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  • Release 5.07 - Created

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