SystemHold (Order Item Status)

This is a code value from the Order Item Status code class.

For document order items, a System Hold may be applied to an order item automatically by the system.

System holds are automatically placed on a student’s order item when an issue occurs during document processing and delivery. Where an order item is put into a “System Hold” state, the errors will be documented and available for Student Records to review.


English Short Description System Hold
English Long Description The order item has been put on hold by PASI and no further processing will occur until the status has been changed.
French Short Description Suspendue par PASI
French Long Description La commande a été suspendue par PASI et son traitement s’arrête jusqu’à la modification de son état.
Sequence Number

Effective Period

Can be used during any time period.

Database Mapping

Code Value ID: 97050