Student Hold Document Processor

This processor completes 2 tasks:

  • Release any previously held Document Orders
  • Generate an email outlining the Student Holds that are about to expire

Processor Configuration

The following configurations control the behavior of this processor in each environment.

Configurable Days

This is a number of days that are stored by Environment in a configuration file.

  • It represents the number of days to include in the Expiration Activity.
  • For production, this is 7 days.
Report Runtime Frequency

This is a configurable item that tells the processor when to run the email notification/report.

  • For production this is expected to be run once a day but for other environments it will be run more frequently for testing purposes.
Email Recipient

This is the email name (s) that are stored by Environment in a configuration file.

  • It represents the list of email accounts that the notification (report) should be sent to.
  • For production, this is set to the same value as the email notifications from the print processor.
  • It is configurable in the same manner as the printing processor settings.

Releasing Previously Held Document Orders

For each document order item with a Document Order Item Status of System Hold and a Document Order Item Status Change Reason = Student has an active hold, that is associated to a student that has a Student Hold with a Student Hold Type of Official Mark Hold that has recently expired (Expiry Date is before today's date):

Student Holds that are about to Expire

Based on the Report Runtime Frequency, the processor should produce an email notification (report) containing a list of all Students with a Student Hold that will expire soon (Today < Expiry Date < = Run date + <configurable days>).

Email Header

To{Email Recipient}
Subject{Environment}: Students with Active Holds Expiring on or before {Run date + configurable days}.

Email Content

The content of the email contains a table with a row for each Student Hold with the following columns:

Column Header Data to show
ASNAlberta Student Number
Legal NameCurrent Identity Name
Hold TypeStudent Hold Type
Expiry DateYYYY/MM/DD
Last Updated OnLast Updated On
Last Updated ByLast Updated By
NotesNotes format: Wrap to fit column

Format of data will follow PASI Data Format Guidelines, where available.

Enforced Test Email List in Non-Production environments

A Test Email List is employed to ensure that there is the appropriate control over which Email addresses can receive notifications in all non-production environments. See Enforced Test Email List for more details.