Transcript Processing Agent

The Transcript Processing Agent will accept an order from the Document Processor and process the Transcript order item to generate the High School Transcript that will be delivered to the recipient.


Receive Transcript Order Item

The process begins with the Transcript agent receiving the order item that is to be processed.

Validate Transcript Order Item

The order items are originally validated when constructed, however some orders do not get processed as soon as possible, and are held by the system until the order’s required processing date (Control Schedule) occurs. This means that some orders may fail validation at processing time when they may have passed validation at order entry time, due to changes in the data over time. Order items can be entered into the system for approximately a year prior to their required delivery.

The following validations are performed by the Transcript Processing Agent for all order items:

Validation errors orders are stored in a common location regardless of the type of order. Document Errors create an error record in the appropriate table for each validation error that occurs. The system stores both the validation error code and the validation error description in the Document Generation Error table, as these will be transmitted through a separate delivery process (ie. IAE response or APAS response).

Update Document Order Item Status

This table shows what happens to the Document Order Item when a student has a Student Hold or if there are other validation errors.

Delivery Method on Document Order ItemStudent HoldValidation ErrorAction
n/aNoNoTranscripts are produced.
Order Item Status = “Ready for Delivery
RequestorRetrievalYesn/aOrder Item Status = “Cancelled
Status Change Reason = “Processing Error
ElectronicYesn/aOrder Item Status = “Cancelled
Status Change Reason = “Processing Error
Digital Transcript PDFYesn/aOrder Item Status = “System Hold
Status Change Reason = “Student Hold
Anything other than “ApplyAlberta”, “Electronic“ or “Digital Transcript PDF”Yesn/aOrder Item Status = “System Hold
Status Change Reason = “Student Hold
ApplyAlbertaNoYesOrder Item Status = “Cancelled
Status Change Reason = “Processing Error
ElectronicNoYesOrder Item Status = “Cancelled
Status Change Reason = “Processing Error
Digital Transcript PDFNoYesOrder Item Status = “System Hold
Status Change Reason = “Processing Error
Anything other than “ApplyAlberta”, “Electronic” or “Digital Transcript PDF”NoYesOrder Item Status = “System Hold
Status Change Reason = “Processing Error

Gather Transcript Content

Once a transcript order item passes validations, a Document Order Item File record will be created that will contain the transcript PDF as well as XML (PESC and PASI version) holding the data that is contained within the transcript.

In order to generate these documents, the following information is gathered and then formatted into the documents:

  • ASN, Name and Date of Birth
  • Delivery Address
  • Credentials and Requirement Exemption information
  • Course Mark information and Additional Credits
  • External Credentials

The following transcript files are generated for each document order item:

Based on the document order item details, where the transcript is to go to:

Note: The actual content of the footnotes come from the code table Document Footnote. This code table holds the English and French descriptions.

PESC XML Generation

See PESC XML Generation in PESC Transcript XML for details on how the xml is generated from the PASI Transcript XML.

Large Document Management

When the transcript processing agent processes a document order item, the number of pages is calculated as the agent builds the transcript PDF. When the Document Delivery Method is “AutomatedMail (Document Delivery Method)”, the transcript will be transmitted to Service Alberta, as part of a print job, for printing and subsequent automated envelope stuffing. If the document has too many pages to physically fit within the envelope that the automated envelope stuffer uses, the stuffing operation will fail. The transcript processing agent must complete the following:

This will allow the printing processes to segregate these order items, in a separate print job, from the “Automated Mail”, and Service Alberta will be tasked with manually stuffing that transcript into a different, larger envelope. The stuffing limit is maintained in a configuration file along with other adjustable parameters for printing. The configuration technical document, Printing Implementation, is located here.

Special Handling

As part of the processing, the transcript processor will set the Special Handling Status to “Outstanding” based on the Document Order Item Delivery Method as follows:

All other delivery methods will have the Special Handling set to “Not Required”.

Document Number Generation

The Document Order Item Document Number uniquely represents the Transcript that was produced and stored. It is initially generated based on the ASN, Order Item and an algorithm.

In order to uniquely identify documents resulting from reprocessing (due to errors) we introduced the idea of a Document Number Sequence. This way, for each successive generation of the document (for a specific Document Order ID) we increase this Document Number Sequence by 1. These two numbers (Document Order Item Document Number and Document Number Sequence) are then be concatenated together to produce the final publicly visible Document ID that is printed on Transcripts and Credentials to uniquely identify them

Update Order Item Status and Processed On Date

As a final stage in the production of the PDF and XML, the Order Item Status of the transcript order item will be updated to “Ready for Delivery” upon successful processing. The Processed on Date is set based on the system date and time at the time of processing, whether successful or when errors occurred.

Note: the Transcript PDF is leveraged when creating the digital official transcript PDF document