Add an Authorized User

This functionality is available in both English and French. Please refer to French Translations page for the French text.

This myPass functionality allows a student to provide other individuals access to their student information via myPass. The functionality is only accessible from the Access to the Student Information myPass page.


  • To access this page a Student need to successfully log into myPass with their Education Account credentials and
  • The student is of the age 16 years or older.

Public and Admin Mode

This page is only applicable to Public mode. An overview of the Public and Admin modes can be found in the myPass Overview.

Page Layout

Desktop Mobile

Data fields

The following are the data fields available on the page.

Field name Description
Page Text

You are able to provide access to another individual by entering their details below. Once saved, a signup access code will be generated. This signup access code and the email address provided below will be required by the individual to establish access to your information.

NameName (Authorized User)
Relationship to you Relationship To Student (Authorized User)
Email Address Email Address (Authorized User)
Acknowledgement/consent Text

By providing this acknowledgement, I understand that the above individual may:

  • Access my information via myPass.
  • Perform actions that include but are not limited to Ordering Transcripts, Viewing Detailed Academic Report and registering for Diploma Exams.
SAVE Button

Calls the internal Service Submit Authorized User to create the Authorized user record.

Cancel Button Disregards any unsaved changes and returns the Student to the previous page Access to the Student Information myPass page.

Cancel Dialog Message: “You are about to leave this page. You will lose any unsaved progress.”

Informational Message

Once the Authorized user record is saved, the student is directed to Access to the Student Information myPass page and the following success message is displayed to student.

Success Message

{Authorized User Name} can now connect to your student information using the following Access Signup Code: {Signup Access Code}


Google Analytics

Google Analytics is implemented as per the myPass Analytics guidelines.