Submit Authorized User

  • This service will be used to create and update an Authorized User from the perspective of the myPass page that shows and manages authorized users
  • Some examples are like updating the email address of an authorized user.
  • Any updates that may need to be done to a connection because the authorized user is updated will be handled here.
  • Calls the SubmitAuthorizedUser_upr procedure

Request Information

The following information (SubmitStudentAuthorizedUserRequest) is provided when using this service:

  • RefId (integer) - When updating a Authorized User, please provide the existing RefId. When adding a new Authorized User, please set the RefId to zero.
  • StateProvinceId (string) - The primary State Province ID for the associated student, otherwise known as the Alberta Student Number (ASN).
  • Name (string) - Name of the Authorized User.
  • RelationshipType (string) - Type of relationship between Authorized User and student.
  • EmaillAddress (string) - Email Address of the Authorized User.
  • ExpiryDate (DateTime) - Date the Authorized User is no longer associated to the student.
  • IsDeleted (bool) - Indicate if the Authorized User record has been deleted.
  • PASICoreVersion (long) - The current version of the PASICoreVersion. This must match what is currently in the PASI Core for an update to be accepted. When adding a new Authorized User, please set the PASICoreVersion to zero.

Request Validations

Service Functionality

The service first checks if it is called to execute an Insert or Update of AuthorizedUser record to the table. If it is an Update action, the submitted PASICoreVersion is used to compare and ensure it is an up-to-date version and a shadow record is insert into the ShadowAuthorizedUser table. Next the record Insert or Update action will be carried out on the AuthorizedUser table. If it is an Insert action, a record will be inserted in the SignupCode table as well. Finally, if it an Update action and either the AuthorizedUser record's ExpiryDate or IsDeleted is being changed and an authorized user's MyPassConnection record exists, the ExpiryDate and/or IsDeleted changes are being propagated over as well. A record is being added to the ShadowMyPassConnection table if necessary.


The usage of this service is audited using Service Auditing including the auditing of Caller Information.

Changes to the AuthorizedUser records are captured on ShadowAuthorizedUser table. Changes to MyPassConnection records are captured on ShadowMyPassConnection table.

Response Information

The following information (SubmitStudentAuthorizedUserResponse) is returned after a successful request has been processed:

  • PASICoreVersion (long) - The new PASI Core Version after the add/update.
  • Rejections (List of Rejection) - A list of alerts generated by the service call.
  • Id (string) - The unique identifier for the AuthorizedUser record submitted.
  • AccessCode (string) - The access code use for Authorized User signing up to myPass.