Resuming a Registration Request that has not been registered

When viewing specific Diploma Exam Registration related pages on myPass, if the user has a pre-'registered' Diploma Exam Registration Request saved but it has not gone through check out (i.e. there exist an Diploma Exam Registration Request created by the user that is not deleted and has not reached the Registered status), they will be alerted that they cannot start a new Registration Request until the existing one is promoted to “Registered” (by completing checkout), or cancelled (i.e. deleted).

Notification messages will be used to alert user about these pre-'registered' request; they will appear on the following myPass pages:

The messages will be dependent on Request Status as well as the security mode the user is currently viewing the page on. For more information on the different security modes please refer to the myPass Exam Registration Request Security Modes.

Pre-“Registered” Exam Registration Request Notification Messages in Public mode

For Under Construction or Payment Not Received Requests

For Payment Pending Requests

Pre-“Registered” Exam Registration Request Notification Messages in Admin mode