Submit Student Maturity Date

This service is used to manage information regarding the Maturity Date for a Student in PASI.


This service can be accessed by systems with the PASI System User role.

Request Information

A request to use this service will include the following Student data elements: (* denotes mandatory information):

Request Validations

Service Functionality

If the validation is successful, PASI will calculate and update the student’s Maturity Date and Reason.

When a Student Maturity Date record is added, updated, or deleted, a Student Status Processor Trigger is created to trigger recalculation of the Validation Status for the Student.

When a Student Maturity Date record is updated, a Responsible School Processor Trigger must be created for the student with a Last Updated Object Name reflecting the maturity date

When the student's Maturity Date changes, a Course Enrolment Status Processor Trigger will be created for any of the student's Course Enrolment records with a Course Enrolment Start Date that is between the old and the new maturity date.

Response Information

A response to a Submit Student Maturity request identifies if the request was successfully applied. If not successful, the response identifies which validation rules failed along with the ASN and the reason for the failure.

Course Date means the Exit Date for Course Enrolment records, the Evaluation Date for Evaluated Mark records, or the Written On date for Exam records.