Retrieve Transcript

This service is used for an institution/organization to retrieve the results from PASI creating High School transcripts to be delivered to the calling organization/client. The service will provide a combination of PESC High School Transcripts and PESC Transcript Responses based on the request information.

This service implements support for the following PESC messages:

The following documents have been created to provide detailed specifications on PASI’s implementation of the PESC messages that PASI will support:

  • Alberta Education High School Transcript PESC XML Specification
  • Alberta Education Transcript Request and Response PESC XML Specification

Internally they are available on the SharePoint.
Externally they are available on the PASI DevNet.

See Electronic Transcript Integration (PESC Services) for an overview of how this service should be used.

This service would be on the PASIPesc-201604 endpoint


The service can be accessed by systems with the PESC Transcript User role.

Note: This service only appears on the IPESCService201604 endpoint.

Request Information

The following information is provided when using this service (* denotes mandatory information):

Either (not both) (RequestInstitutionID and RequestTrackingID) or MaxPASICoreVersion must be provided.

If MaxPASICoreVersion is provided, then the service will behave in a similar manner as the “Is Data Available” service.

Request Validations

Service Functionality

At a high level the service will do the following:

1.Determine the PASI Client of the service caller.

If the RequestTrackingID was provided then:

  1. If one is found then respond with either a PESC Transcript Response or a PESC High School Transcript based on the attributes of the DocumentOrder Item.
  2. If one is not found, then look in the Transcript Request table.

If RequestTrackingID was not provided, Look for DocumentOrderItems with matching Recipient Client Identifier, a Document Delivery Method of “Electronic”, an associated Document Order Item File with a PASI Core Version that is greater than the MaxPASICoreVersion, and meet any of the following:

  • Status of “Cancelled” and has a RequestTrackingId from a Transcript Request.
  • Status of “Ready for Delivery“
  • Status of “Sent for Delivery”
4.If the Transcript Test ASN List is active in the current environment, then any item for a student that is not on the Test ASN List will be filtered out.

If a non-zero WaitTimeInSeconds is provided and no results were found above, then keep trying until results are found or we exceed the WaitTimeInSeconds.

Build a list of responses based on what was found from steps 2 or 3 by:

1.Build and provide a PESC Transcript Response for every DocumentOrderItem that has a status of Ordered.
2.Build and provide a cancelled PESC Transcript Response for every [ElectronicTranscriptRequest] that did not result in a document order item and include the errors that are in the [ElectronicTranscriptRequestError] table.
3.Build and provide a canceled PESC Transcript Response for every DocumentOrderItem that has a status of “Cancelled” and is tied to a request in the [ElectronicTranscriptRequest] table and include any Document Generation Error that are tied to the DocumentOrderItem.

Provide the Document PESC XML from Document Order Item File for every DocumentOrderItem that has a status of “Ready for Delivery” or “Sent for Delivery”.

a. The format of each transcript will be in the format as specified by (in the transcript request or precedence):
- ElectronicFormatOverride (if specified)
- RequestingElectronicFormat on the original request (if specified)
- XML (as a default)

b. Update the status on each document order to be “Sent for Delivery” if it is not already.
- This status change should only occur on the first retrieval attempt.

5.If nothing was found and the WaitTimeInSeconds has been exceeded, then return empty results with Rule 70019 - Time Out Error.

Generation of the High School Transcript XML for the Response

This will be retrieved from the Document Order Item File record. If the ElectronicFormat is requesting that the PDF and the XML is to be returned, then the xml message will be modified to have the PDF embedded, at the appropriate location, in the xml.

Generation of the Transcript Response XML for the Response

If a PESC Transcript Response message is needed for the response, then it must be generated in the same manner as the Request Transcript service generated it initially. Transcript response will only be generated if the transcript document order item was created as a direct result of a transcript request through the Request Transcript service.

Document Order Item StatusAPAS
OrderedGenerate and return the same PESC Transcript Response that would have been generated when the request was originally made.
  • If the Status Change Reason is ProcessingError (Status Change Reason) then generate and return a PESC Transcript Response that has a “Cancelled” status and included any errors from the DocumentGenerationError table.
  • If the Status Change Reason is ‘Deceased’ then generate and return a PESC Transcript Response that has a “Deceased” ResponseStatus.
  • If the StatusChangeReasonCode is something other than “ProcessingError” then generate and return a PESC Transcript Response that has a “Cancelled” status and included Rule 70008 - Transcript Request Cancelled.
  • If the Status Change Reason is MyPassReqCancel, MyPassReqCancelNotRequired, MyPassReqCancelOrderedInError, or MyPassReqCancelOther, then include the CancelReasonMessage.


The usage of this service is audited using Service Auditing including the auditing of Caller Information.

Response Information

The following information is returned after a successful request has been processed:

  • Electronic Format (same code value as in request)
  • Electronic Document. Will be one of:
    • PESC Transcript Response XML (v1.4.0)
    • PESC High School Transcript XML (v1.5.0)
    • PASI Transcript PDF
  • PASI Core Version

Note: PASICoreVersion will only be returned when the MaxPASICoreVersion is used when calling the service. In the case were the request RequestTrackingID is used, no PASICoreVersion is returned

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