Review CIA Course Changes Report

The Review CIA Course Changes Report is one of the generated PASI Nightly Reports and is reponsible for highlighting changes to course information that may require special triggering of the Transcript Processor.

This report is produced everyday at 6:00 am and results in a report being generated and distributed via email.

Generated Email

Sent To
Subject PASI Monitor: Review CIA Course Changes for YYYY-MM-DD ([Contains Records / No Records])

This report is produced daily by PASI.Monitor running on {Server}.
Data Source={Connection String}

Email Attachment

Attached to the each email is a Microsoft Excel file that contains a listing of the course updates that were made in the last 24 hours.

Course Update Audit ID Identifies the course update audit record.
Course Code Identifies the Course Code that was updated.
Details JSON Structured JSON that outlines the changes made to the course.
Last Update UTC Time The UTC date and time the changes were made.