Official Mark Calculator

The Official Mark Calculator is a component of the Transcript Processor and is responsible for calculating ministry awarded Official Marks that will appear on a Transcript based on the course marks attributed to the student.

Preparing the Official Mark Calculator

Before official mark processing begins, the calculator prepares by:

These lists of courses are then used as needed throughout the calculator.

Identifying Course Marks History

The Official Mark Calculator will ultimately produce a single Official Mark record for each Course included in the academic history considered by the calculator. The academic history includes Course Enrolment, Evaluated Mark, Diploma Exam Mark and GED Exam Mark records.

The academic history considered for processing excludes mark records that:

Calculating First Pass Official Marks

A First Pass Official Mark is one based directly on the student's academic history. Calculating First Pass Official Marks is done in 4 main steps:

Preparing to Calculate Second Pass Official Marks

Before Second Pass Official Marks can be calculated, the calculator needs to prepare by:

Calculating Second Pass Official Marks

A Second Pass Official Mark is one that is based on First Pass Official Marks.

Calculating Second Pass Official Marks is done in 3 main steps:

Applying Calculator Results

Once all the Official Marks have been calculated, the calculated Official Marks is can be finalized which includes:

Official Mark General Information

To be removed once a better place is found for this information.


The official mark calculator first organizes the Official Mark records to determine the set of official marks to be calculated as part of the first pass processing.


For each course identified, the official mark calculator recalculates the official mark.


The official mark calculator determines if the student is eligible for additional credits based on the first pass calculations.


The official mark calculator validates whether or not to keep the newly calculated official mark.