Get Provincial Achievement Test Result Audit Events

The Get Provincial Achievement Test Result Audit Events service allows a PASI client to access PAT Result Audit Event information stored within PASI.

This service is available on the 2019 End Point.


This service can be accessed by systems with the View Academic Record User role.

Request Information

A request to use this service will include list of Reference IDs for the all Exam records being requested with each item in the list containing (* denotes mandatory information):

Validation Rules


If the validation rules fail, the request will be rejected and the rejection messages returned.

If the request is not rejected, processing continues. PAT Results & PAT Component Results for each version of the record (including the current version of the record) identified in the request will be retrieved from the PASI Core and returned in the response.

Response Information

An unsuccessful response will include:

  • PASI Core Version*
  • Rejections

A successful response will contain the following:

    No links found.