Get Credential Requirement Checklist

This functionality is available in both English and French. Please refer to French Translations page for the French text.

This service allows a user to get a PDF of student(s) checklist for a credential requirement set.


The Get Credential Requirement Checklist service can be accessed by PASI clients with the View Transcript User role who meet the data_access_rules and data_access_rules.

Request Information

A request to use this service will include (* denotes mandatory information):

Note: To limit the size of the response, there can only be at most 100 ASNs in the request information.

Request Validations

Service Functionality

Once the request information has been validated, this service will generate the PDF (in English or French depending on language requested in).

Deleted credentials will not be considered.

If the Official marks are out of date (because the Transcript Processor is currently processing the marks), the Is Out of Date indicator will identify that the Checklist may be out of date.

Note: On the 2018 (and prior) endpoint, the SIS vendors have an option in the service request to provided a reference ID in the Student Mailing Address attribute to support the ability to reference a student’s address that is not designated as the preferred address of that student. This data element is ignored and the Current Mailing Address for the student is used when the Credential requirement Checklist is created for the student. If the student does not have a Current Mailing Address, then the address record on the checklist is blank.

Response Information

Response will include (for each ASN requested):

Batch limit size is set to 100