Credential Checklist for Multiple Students

The Credential Checklist for Multiple Students dialog allows a user to download Credential Requirement Checklists in bulk for multiple students.

Secured By

To have access to this function, the user must have:

Search Screens

The user will first have to search for the list of Alberta Student Numbers to generate credential checklists for in one of the following screens:

Selecting the ASNs in the grid from one of these screens and clicking on the Generate Documents… button will allow the user to select the 'Credential Checklists' option from the dropdown list containing the bulk reports.

Generate Checklist Controls

The following controls are used to generate the credential checklists:

Control Behavior
Requirement Set to Generate
  • Required selection
  • The Credential field must be selected before this dropdown is populated.
  • Once the Credential field is selected, this dropdown lists all the Current Credential Requirement Sets for that Credential.
  • The content of this drop down list will be updated when the Credential selection is changed.
Name files by

A dropdown containing 4 options:

  1. Last Name, First Name, ASN
  2. First Name, Last Name, ASN
  3. ASN, Last Name, First Name
  4. ASN, First Name, Last Name

The first option is selected by default.


The [Generate] button is only available if there are students checked in the List Student Credential Progress or List School Enrolments grids. Pressing the [Generate] button will trigger the following processing:

  • The Get Credential Requirement Checklist service will be called to generate the PDFs
    • Request Info used:
      • ASNs – Use the ASN of the student checked in the grid
        • Document Language – as selected in the dialog
        • Credential Type – as selected in the dialog
        • Requirement Set – as selected in the dialog
    • The PDFs generated are placed in a ZIP file
      • ZIP file name:
        • CredentialChecklist{Current date/time}.zip
          • Individual files in the ZIP are named based on the “Name files by” selection
            • File name format:
            • {Parameter1}_{Parameter2}_{Parameter3}_{current timestamp}.pdf
              • Where Parameter1, 2 and 3 are based on what is selected
                • e.g. if user selected “Last Name First Name ASN” then the format is {StudentLastName}_{StudentFirstName}_{StudentASN}_{current timestamp}.pdf
              • Timestamps are formatted as (YYYY-MM-DDThh-mm-ss).
    • User would be prompted on where to save their file (using standard browser download behavior).
      • Unprocessed students due to a rejection will appear in the process summary report; user must resolve each unprocessed issue manually before their Credential Checklist can be re-attempted using this dialog screen.

This closes the Credential Checklist for Multiple Students dialog and returns the user back to the page that they were previously on.

Processing Summary Report

The Processing Summary Report will be produced and included in the zip. file containing the Credential Checklist pdf’s.

The Processing Summary report will contain the following information:

  • number of records processed successfully,
  • a summary of errors.

Processing Summary Report Fields

The following information is available in the Processing Summary report:

Field Data Format Description
Summary of Records ProcessedTextNumber of records processed successfully and total number of records processed. Appears on the first line of the report.
ASNASNASN of the Student
Last NameTextLast Name of the Student’s Legal Name
First NameTextFirst Name of the Student’s Legal Name
StatusTextThis report is populated with the rejection messages from the Get Credential Requirement Checklist during generation if there is an issue with the generation of the student’s checklist.