Submit Evaluated Mark

This service is used to manage Evaluated Marks in the PASI Core. This service can be used to:

  • Add a new Evaluated Mark,
  • Update an existing Evaluated Mark, or
  • Delete an existing Evaluated Mark.

Evaluated Mark will be used when capturing marks derived from a student’s out-province/out-of-country marks or other scenarios when a student did not actually take the identified course at an Alberta accredited school.

This service can be used to manage a single record, or a list of records at the same time. This would allow a PASI Client to record its information in PASI by submitting the information in batches.

Request Information

The request identifies if a create, update, or delete should be performed for a provided Evaluated Mark. An Evaluated Mark contains (mandatory items are identified with an *):

Note: The Is Mark Approved property is ignored when this service is called, but has been kept as part of the request to ensure backwards compatibility for third party vendors. To approve a mark the Submit Mark Approval service must be used.

Request Validations

The information provided in the request is validated against the following rule first:

If Rule 40379 validation passes, the information provided in the request is validated against the following additional validation rules:


Each record on the request will be processed individually. Therefore, some of the updates may be successful while others may fail. PASI will determine if the record being submitted is new, or is an update to an existing record and the information will be recorded within the PASI Core.

After recording the information, PASI will apply a number of other business rules to validate the quality of the information submitted. The results of these validations will be included in the Status object associated to the Evaluated Mark record.

Refer to validation rules for the Evaluated Mark Status Processor for a complete list of business rules that will be applied.

When an Evaluated Mark record is successfully created, updated, or deleted, the Submit Evaluated Mark service shall create a trigger record (Course Enrolment Status Processor Trigger/Evaluated Mark Status Processor Trigger) for each of the following:

  • The Evaluated Mark record identified in the request
  • All other Evaluated Marks record(s) for same Student (ASN).
  • All other Evaluated Marks record(s) for same student associated to secondary ASNs.
  • All Course Enrolment record(s) for the Student (ASN).
  • All other Course Enrolment record(s) for same student associated to secondary ASNs.

Note: In general, previously deleted records will not be triggered for processing by Status Processors. Records being deleted as a result of a service request will be triggered to ensure that any work items associated to the now deleted records are cleaned up

Student Activity

The Student Activity record the for student is updated if the Evaluated Mark School Year is greater than the current Student Activity School Year.

Response Information

A response to a Submit Evaluated Mark request identifies which records were successfully updated. For any records that were not successfully updated, the response identifies which validation rules failed.