ASL Email Notification

This background processor is responsible for identifying new Alberta Student Link (ASL) requests and sending email notifications to the “last attended school”.

This process will run weekdays (Monday to Friday) at 8 AM.


The service can be accessed by systems with the PASI Client Role role.

Request Information

Service Functionality

  1. Identify “new” ASL records:
    1. A “new” ASL (StudentRecordAccessRequest) record is one that has a Student Record Access Request Status of Submitted (Alberta Student Link Request Status) AND
    2. Requested On Date and Time (Student Record Access Request) greater than the Setting Value of business object: PASI Settings where Setting Name equals “Core.AslNotificationUtcTime”
  2. From the new records - identify the email accounts:
    1. Determine the Organization Email Address associated to the Last Alberta School Attended, or the notification_override_email Address(es) if at least one exists
      1. * If there is a notification_override_email then do not send the email to the Organization Email Address, only the notification_override_email(s).
    2. If the Last Alberta School Attended is no longer active, identify the Organization Email Address associated to the authority for the inactive school

NOTE: Since the Authority email address is not required, if no email address is found - the processor will not send an email, but will still log a K12 Organization Notification record using an email address of “Not Available”.


The usage of this service is audited using Service Auditing including the auditing of Caller Information.

Response Information

Bcc:List of Organization Email Address, or notification_override_email address(es)
SubjectASL Requests
Body There are outstanding Alberta Student Link requests requiring your attention.
Click this link to log into PASIprep and view the requests.
If you have any questions contact Student Records at Alberta Education.

Where link is a hyperlink to the List Alberta Student Link Requests page

Note: Since the email is generic, only one email will be sent to all organizations requiring notification. As such there will not be any email address listed in the ‘To’ portion of the email, addresses will instead be sent using Bcc.

Basic details related to who received an Email will be saves to the K12 Organization Notification table. Since the email is very generic only the following details will be stored:

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