Organization Email Notification Override

This override record will send the email notification of the Intended Purpose to the email address as noted in the record instead of the school email.


This business object includes the following attributes:

Attribute Name Attribute Type Optionality Cardinality
Intended Purpose Drop Down Mandatory Single
Organization Notification Override Email Address Integer Mandatory Single
Email Override Start Date Date Time Mandatory Single
Email Override End Date Date Time Optional Single
Audit User Integer Mandatory Single
Last Updated Date Time Mandatory Single

Data Access Rules

The following rules are applied to control access to view/add/edit Organization Email Notification Override records.

Access to a Record

In order to access a record, the:

  • Organization must have created the record.
  • Ministry Users can view all organizations

In addition, when being accessed via PASIprep, the:

Adding a new Record

In order to add a new record, the:

Updating a Record

Update History

  • Release 9.13 - Feature 11322 - Added