K12 Organization Notification

Audit of email notifications sent to K to 12 organizations.

The email alerts the authority/school of:

  • outstanding Alberta Student Link requests.

Parent Business Objects

This business object is considered a child business object of Business Object (Template).


This business object includes the following attributes:

Attribute Name Attribute Type Optionality Cardinality
Sent To Email Address Data Element Mandatory Single
Sent On Date Time Data Element Mandatory Single
Organization Reference Business Object Reference Mandatory Single

Business Object References

This business object is referenced from other business objects via the following attributes:

    No links found.

Data Access Rules

The following rules are applied to control access to view/add/edit the records created based on this business object.

Access to a Record

In order to access a record, the:

When accessible, the following rules are applied to specific data elements on the record:

Data Element Access Controls
<Data Element> Only available if the Organization owns the record.
<Data Element> Only available if the Organization is associated to the student By Last School Enrolment or better2).
All other data elements Available if the record is accessible.

Adding a new Record

In order to add a new record, the:

Updating a Record

In order to update an existing record, the: