Get Diploma Exam (2019)

This page describes the implementation of the service on the 2019 Service Endpoint. For a description of the current implementation visit the Get Diploma Exam service page.

The Get Diploma Exam service is used to retrieve Diploma Exam information from PASI. This service can be used to:

  1. Retrieve information about a Diploma Exam from the PASI Core, and
  2. Obtain updates about a Diploma Exam from the PASI Core as part of the data synchronization processes.

This service can be used to get a single record or a list of records.

Normally, this service is to be used during the data synchronization process as described by the Data Synchronization Services document.

The Is Data Available service operation is used to determine if there are any Exam object changes that the PASI client is interested in. The PASI client could then call this service to return those changes.


This service can be accessed by systems with the Hello World User role.

Request Information

A request to use this service will include list of Reference IDs for the all Exam records being requested with each item in the list containing (* denotes mandatory information):


When this service is called, the data in the request is request is mapped and the service on the 2020 service endpoint is called. The response from the 2020 service will be mapped to the 2019 service response information.

Request Mapping

The request information on the two service endpoints are the same.

Response Mapping

Response Information

Availability Status will be returned for each requested Diploma Exam record.

The response will contain a list of the Diploma Exam records requested with an Availability Status of Normal:

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