Submit Student Address

This service is used on the 2019 End Point (and onwards) to manage a Student Address of a Student in the PASI Core. This service can be used to:


This service can be accessed by systems with the Submit Student User role.

Request Information

Request Validations

The following rules are used to validate the information provided in the request:

Service Functionality

Once the request information has been validated the information will be recorded within the PASI Core. If an existing address record is updated or a new address record is added, the audit information is created with the Audit Subject asSubmitStudentAddress (Audit Subject).

Student Health Version Updates

The PASI Core Version (Student Health Version) for the student will be updated if the submission changes:

Elections Alberta Triggers

PASI will create/update the student’s Elections Alberta Trigger record if the submission changes:

Status Processor Triggers

When a student mailing address is being added or updated or deleted on a Primary ASN, then the following Status Processor Triggers are created:

Also, create a Student School Enrolment Status Processor Trigger for each non-deleted Student School Enrolment associated to the Primary ASN of the student, when the:

  • First mailing address record for the student is Added.
  • Last mailing address record for the student is Deleted.
  • When the Address Type value changes on a Student Address record.
  • An update to the effective and/or expiry date(s) of a mailing address where the previous or new values overlap with the current school enrolment (which includes updates to a future-dated mailing address, which impacts a mailing address overlapping the current school enrolment, by changing the end date).

Response Information

A response to a service request identifies if the request was successfully applied. If not successful, the response identifies which validation rules failed.