Get Student Audit Events

This page outlines the version of the service for 2019 end-point and onwards. For information about this service on the 2018 service endpoint and earlier, visit Get Student Audit Events (2018 End Point and Earlier)

This service should be used to retrieve the list of audit events for a specific student record. The audit events outline any change made to information about the student.


Only organizations associated to the student will be able to use this service to retrieve Student Audit Events.

Student Audit event records linked to deleted Information Disclosure Restrictions will never be returned unless the PASI Client has the Ministry Client User role.

Request Information

The following information is provided when using this service:

Request Validations

The following rules are used to validate the information provided in the request:

Service Functionality

Once the request is validated, the PASI Core collects and returns the student’s Audit Events with the following limitations:

Response Information

The response to a successful Get Student Audit Events request will include the student’s Audit Events recorded in PASI Core. The Audit Events outline all changes made to the student’s information.

The following information is returned after a successful request has been processed: