Get Detailed Academic Report

This service is used to retrieve a report for a list of students based on the provided ASNs, containing course activity, course marks and achieved and/or awarded credentials for all course activity. Each ASN will return a Detailed Academic Report (PDF). The Detailed Academic Report will only be returned if the requestor is associated to the student or is the Student Record Custodian of the student's official record.


The service can be accessed by systems with the View Transcript User role.

Request Information

To request a Detailed Academic Report (“DAR”), the PASI Client will provide the Alberta Student Number (ASN) for the student whose DAR is being requested and the language the document is required in (Document Language). A request to use this service will include (* denotes mandatory information):

Request Validations

Service Functionality

Once all the requested ASNs have been validated then a Detailed Academic Report will be generated in the Document Language requested and returned for each ASN.

Deleted credentials are not considered.

  • Where a credential is Achieved and the awarded version has been deleted, the record should be returned as achieved.
  • Where a credential is In Progress and the awarded version has been deleted, the record should not be returned.”
  • If the user has no association to the student and the “Acknowledge External Access” flag is set to true :
    • Track the access by saving the:
      • Current timestamp
      • Caller information (which includes the user’s identity and organization).
    • This information is saved in the Student Access Request table in PASI.

Note: On the 2018 (and prior) endpoint, the SIS vendors have an option in the service request to provided a reference ID in the Student Mailing Address attribute to support the ability to reference a student’s address that is not designated as the preferred address of that student. This data element is ignored and the Current Mailing Address for the student is used when the detailed Academic Report (DAR) is created for the student. If the student does not have a Current Mailing Address, then the address record on the DAR is blank.

Response Information

The response to a successful Get DAR request will include a PDF document of the DAR (in the requested Document Language) that can be shared with, saved to a permanent location or printed for a student. Response will include for each ASN requested: