Student Record Custodian

A Student Record Custodian is the school (or schools) responsible for the management of the collection of student documents that make up a student's record.

The custodian is a School1) with Access to the Student (Moved) who owns a School Enrolment 2) within:

  • The student's last school year of schooling OR
  • A current school year OR
  • A future school year.

Important: Multiple organizations may be a custodian of a student record at the same time.

Since a custodian is determined through a student's school enrolments, any time the school enrolments change for a student, the custodian(s) for that student may change.

Currently, this concept is equivalent to the School who currently holds the student's physical cumulative file. That school is responsible for the student's record and maintaining everything around it. Moving forward, this “cumulative file” will be captured in PASI and responsibility will be identified through a student's data.

In the event that PASI does not have any school enrolment data for a student, the Ministry will be deemed the custodian of the student's record.

Data Access Rules


This business object includes the following attributes:

Attribute Name Attribute Type Optionality Cardinality
Student Record Custodian Organization Business Object Reference
Reference ID (Student Record Custodian) Data Element Mandatory Single
or their governing authority
non-deleted school enrolment