Physical Delete Processor

The Physical Delete Processor will physically remove (delete), from the PASI database, records that are deemed to be transitory. This process will be run in the evening in Production and set to run once an hour in the test environments. Parent Records (and all associated child records) that are logically deleted for 30 days will qualify for the process.

Information Consumed

Records that qualify for disposable using this processor are:

The following type of records will be considered by this processor:

Processing Rules

  • A trigger that permanently fails will be updated and re-processed the next time the cache is loaded.
  • The trigger is tracked (in memory) the first time it fails so it can be ignored upon re-entry (to avoid an infinite loop).
  • The next time the cache is loaded any triggers created after the original failed trigger was updated will be processed again.
  • If the data is not fixed, the trigger will fail everyday and be updated everyday on each node.
  • The next day the cache is loaded the trigger would be updated after the cache loads.
  • In this case everything that was triggered throughout the day will have to be re-processed the next day.

Processor Output

The output of the processor is to physically delete all records (including all child records and status records related to the parent record identified above) that have been deemed transitory. Additionally, all records that have been deleted will have an entry written to the Deleted Record Audit table.