Electronic Notes

A note captured by Student Records to document an interaction with a student.

Parent Business Objects

This business object is considered a child business object of Student.


This business object includes the following attributes:

Attribute Name Attribute Type Optionality Cardinality
Electronic Notes Is Deleted Data Element Mandatory Single
Electronic Notes Last Updated By Data Element Mandatory Single
Electronic Notes Last Updated On Data Element Mandatory Single
Note Data Element Mandatory Single

Business Object References

This business object is referenced from other business objects via the following attributes:

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Data Access Rules

The following data access rules apply to electronic notes:

Access to a Record

Electronic Notes are only available when:

  • The user belongs to O.1
  • The Note has not been deleted.

Adding a new Record

Electronic Notes can only be added by users within O.1.

Updating an Existing Record

An Electronic Note can only be updated (or deleted) by:

  • Users within O.1
  • The user who created it.