Get Responsible School Status

This service is used to retrieve Core Alerts associated to a particular Responsible School record during synchronization processes.

A Responsible School Status object identifies any business rule validations that have failed in the form of a Core Alert.

Refer to any Validation Rules implemented by the Responsible School Status Processor for a list of the business rules. These issues need to be resolved by an end-user to ensure that the data in PASI remains of high quality.

This service is used to acquire Responsible School Validation Status records in PASI Core and if requested, this service can also return the Responsible School entity information. This service can be used as required, or as part of the data synchronization processes.

The Is Data Available service operation is used to determine if there are any responsible school status object changes that the PASI client is interested in. The PASI client could then call this service to return those changes.


This service can be accessed by systems with the View Enrolment User role.

Request Information

The information provided as part of the request is a list of:

Request Validations

There are no validations performed on the service request.


Information for each of the Validation Status records identified in the request will be retrieved from the PASI Core and returned in the response. If a list of records has been requested, they will be processed in the order provided.

The Responsible School Reference IDs provided in the request are validated and the result is returned in the Availability Status:

  • Unknown if the Responsible School Reference ID provided is unknown in the PASI Core;
  • No Access if the PASI Client does not have meet the responsible school data access rules to access the status to the record being requested;
  • Normal if the record has been returned; or
  • Recalculating if the status is being recalculated.

When an Expected Version is provided in the request for a record:

  • If the Expected Versionrequested is ‘0’, the current PASI Version of the record will be returned.
  • If the Expected Version requested is the same as the PASI Version of the record, the record will be returned.
  • If the Expected Version requested is not the same as the PASI Version of the record, the record will not be returned and no further requested records will be processed.

When providing the Known Source Version, if the version of the underlying responsible school record is greater than the Known Source Version provided, the updated responsible school record will also be included in the response.

Response Information

Availability Status will be returned for each requested Responsible School record.

The response will contain a list of the Validation Status records requested with an Availability Status of Normal:

When using the Known Source Version, the response may also include the Responsible School record associated to the status;