Submit GED Exam Mark

This service is used to manage GED Exam Marks in PASI Core. This service can be used to:

  • Add a new GED Exam Mark,
  • Update an existing GED Exam Mark, or
  • Delete an existing GED Exam Mark

The Submit GED Exam Mark service can only be used by Ministry. Schools will not use the service to submit GED exam mark records.

This service can be used to manage a single record or a list of records at the same time. This would allow a PASI Client to record its information in PASI by submitting the information in batches.


This Submit GED Exam Mark service can be accessed by systems with the PASI System User role.

Request Information

The request identifies whether a create, update, or delete should be performed for a provided GED Exam Mark. A GED Exam Mark contains (mandatory items are identified with an *):

Validation Rules

Service Functionality

PASI will validate the quality of the information being submitted using the validation rules identified above. PASI will determine if the record being submitted is new, or is an update to an existing record and the information will be recorded within the PASI Core.

Once the record is created/updated, the Transcript Process is triggered for the associated student (if known) and Course Code.

A Transcript Trigger will be created for the student as well.

Student Activity

The Student Activity for the student associated to the GED Examinee is updated if the GED Exam Mark School Year is the maximum school year of all GED Exam Mark School Years attached to that particular GED Examinee.

Response Information

A response to a Submit GED Exam Mark request identifies which records were successfully updated. For any records that are not updated successfully, the response identifies which validation rules failed.