Submit Credential Awarding Update

Working behind the scenes in conjunction with the PASIprep Edit Awarded Credential screen, this service will issue a new credential number for an awarded credential. This is required when the details of an Awarded Student Credential need to be updated, e.g. update the name on the awarded credential.


This service can be accessed by PASI clients with the PASI System User role.

Request Information

Request Validations

Service Functionality

The primary responsibility of this service is to create a new Awarded Student Credential and archive the existing/current awarded credential.

When a new credential is created via a re-issue of the credential (e.g., the school year on the credential has been updated or the credential has been deleted/undeleted, a Responsible School Processor Trigger is created for the student with a Last Updated Object Name (Responsible School Processor Trigger) reflecting the student awarded credential object.

Response Information

The response identifies whether a change was successfully applied. If not, the response returns a list of rejections.

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