Diploma Exam Result Management

Part of the Diploma Exam Conceptual Overview.

At the end of each Exam Session, Assessment submits diploma exam results by adding/updating Exam Marks via the Submit Diploma Exam Mark service. If a registration exists for the student, their existing Exam Mark is updated with the result; otherwise, a new Exam Mark record is created for the student.

Students can view their results using the Diploma Exam Registrations and Results screen on myPass.

Once an Exam Mark is updated to no longer have a Registered status, the Exam Mark record can only be modified by Assessment via the Submit Diploma Exam Mark service. It is expected that all Registered Exam Mark will be updated in PASI to a status that is not Registered once Assessment posts the results (i.e. no registrations will be left 'lingering' in PASI), and once an Exam Mark has a non-“Registered” status, it will not return to a Registered status.